Magic keys for chrome (en)

It is now possible to install Magic keys as an application in the google chrome browser. The installation process is still in a beta phase, it relies on the ARC Welder chrome extension that allows to execute android native application directly in google chrome.

To install magic keys in your chrome browser, follow the following steps.

=1= Install ARC welder in your chrome browser.

=2= Download the latest magic keys chrome version.

=3= Start ARC Welder

=4= Select the apk you downloaded at step 2/

=5= Do the settings as shown below:

=6= Launch the application "Launch App"

=7= You should now see Magic keys for chrome running in its own window

=8= Edit the primary key of your chrome installation so that it matches the root key of your Android installation.

WARNING: If you install again the chrome application, chrome will generate a new root key.  If you do not synchronize your chrome installation with your android installation, take note of the first installation root key otherwise you will loose your password when you re-install magic keys in chrome. (for eg a manual update).

=9= Magic Keys is now installed in Chrome. To start it simply go in the list of installed applications & extensions.

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